Malibu’s Summer Fire of Pele, CGC aka Topline Deeann

Malibu – One of my greytest surprises! She’s like a warm fuzzy blanket – she’s there when you need a warm, loving friend but never asks for much in return. I fostered her as a special needs hound when she was 2 and afraid of everyone that she came in contact with. Obviously she never left our home. Once I gained her trust, I wasn’t letting her go. I learned that below that skiddish, aloof front, she was a great bit of fun and enjoyed to share big smiles, chase anything I would throw for her and was food motivated enough to learn agility with me. Ten years later, I am amazed that this once needy hound has become my easiest to care for companion. She never has an off day, never has a temper, never asks for anything but will always appreciate your snuggles and a spot on the couch. Even though she’s often the last to be lavished with extras since everyone else DOES beg for their share, she remains steady and without attitude. She’s one special girl with a kind and happy fire in her eyes.

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Malibu rolling in the grass

Scram, I’m getting my beauty sleep.

I'm such a supermodel

I am such a supermodel.

Look at my toes!

Look at my perfect toes

Macy and Malibu

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