Good Morning Armani

Armani has to have 'his' bed 'just right'.

Armani was so funny this morning when he discovered his love of a good nap kept him from his morning ritual of chasing Roxy around the yard. When he spotted his half pint companion already stalking the area without him, he ran immediately to her side to catch up with the territory inspections – just after doing a quick jig and pawing at the lizard on the way. I love seeing him so happy and thriving more by the day. He likes to run around with Roxy out in their ‘dog park/track’ for at least an hour every morning. The other day when I heard them running, I swear that it sounded like a team of horses. 10 high speed laps later, a cool down intervention was in order and Roxy was more than willing to take a dip in the chilled pool.

Today’s run left Roxy limping. Not good.

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