Bff’s. Paris is an amazing patient and Roxy won’t leave her side.

Our little Paris has been really ill. Shown above, she is patiently getting yet another IV drip. Roxy, her constant whippet companion watching from a distance, has remained at her side through thick and thin. It’s been going on for 16 days now…

A bit over 2 weeks ago now, she began not being able to hold down food and suddenly became jaundiced. We immediately took her to the animal ER, where she stayed over night getting vitamin B infused fluids. The next day she returned home where she has been receiving daily drips. Her liver and pancreatic enzymes have been off the charts but she has been a fighter.

We use a homeopathic practitioner a few counties away and I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else handle this situation. She has been fabulous through this ordeal and available at 9pm on the night of the ER trip. She and the on call vet worked to determine the treatment that she wanted done, which consisted of supportive care over the use of any conventional drug protocol. Once returning home, she has advised the course of treatment through holistic remedies and supplementation.

Paris was not able to hold down food for more than 5 hours regularly until yesterday. Hopefully, this will continue and we start seeing much more progress. She has lost about 10 lbs, which is a great deal when you are a svelte greyhound at 60lbs to begin with.

We suspect poisonous mushrooms growing in the yard may be the culprit, but can’t be certain. Today we were able to schedule an in-home ultrasound for her, thanks to our fabulous vet, Dr Robin Cannizzaro in Brooksville, FL. I love to take thelong trip when there’s time to walk around and visit the cows and horses on the farm. She also has a menagerie of other pets, mostly consisting of french bulldogs and a dobie. She is available for consultations nationwide and has worked with Dr Richard Pitcairn, among other notable practitioners. More on all the ways she’s helped our pack some other time….

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