Saving the Princess

Paris did really well yesterday. If we can keep that overall balance with her rehab for the next couple of weeks, she should be able to get back to her old self and weight soon. It’s going to be baby steps, as I’m sure her stomach has shriveled with the rest of her. It’s a challenge to find food that interests her. Forget veggies, rice, and all else on the recommended diet. She’s having nothing but protein. So that leaves us to pick from only the leanest cuts that there are, to be gentle on the pancreas. Even then, it has become difficult as she has developed so many food aversions during this illness. Yesterday I managed to get a small portion of steak and some peanut butter in her before her stomach called a halt. Her energy was improved with the homeopathy and fluids. I can’t believe I’m even writing this about our super athlete.

C’mon Baby Girl, you can do it.

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